Collect and query data from your robots in real-time.


Collect data with configurable sources, throttling and buffering.

ROS native

Collect data from standard and custom ROS topics without having to develop code.

Rich querying

Fetch the current or historical data values through an API.

Configure data streams easily

Control what data should be streamed, how often, and from which robot through a simple API.

curl --request POST \ --header "air-api-key: aak_1234" \ --header "content-type: application/json" \ --data '{ "source": "/chatter", "type": "std_msgs/msg/String", "hz": "1" }' \

Query data

Fetch data from any of your robots in real-time, or query historical values, to display in your customer portals, internal tools or analysis.

curl --request GET \ --header "air-api-key: aak_1234" \

Plus a sleek dashboard

A pre-built web dashboard to view data from your robots in the browser without writing code.

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