Deploy Docker containers to your robots.

Docker compose

Define your application with a Docker compose file.

Private registries

Pull images from private registries without credentials leaving your robot.


Known which compose file is running on which robot.

Define your stack with compose files

Define your software stack with Docker compose files, from public or private registries.

curl --request POST \ --header "air-api-key: air_1234" \ --header "content-type: application/json" \ --data '{ "id": "robot-app-v1", "name": "Version 1 of robot application", "content": { "services": { "hello: { "image": "hello-world" } } } }' \

Update your fleet programmatically

Update your robots from your command line, CI/CD pipeline, GitHub actions or internal tools.

curl --request POST \ --header "air-api-key: air_1234" \ --header "content-type: application/json" \ --data '{ "id": "robot-app-v1" }' \

Plus a sleek dashboard

Easily update your software through a simple dashboard.

Build robots,
not infrastructure

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