Send commands to ROS nodes through a REST API.

Build anything

Build customer portals, internal tools or CLIs on top of a stable API.


Natively publishes to ROS 2 topics, calls services and sends goals to actions.

Custom messages

Supports custom message types out of the boxy without having to develop code.

Simple and convenient API

Straightforward APIs anyone can understand. Build your own apps, dashboards and tools on top of our REST API.

curl --request POST \ --header "air-api-key: aak_1234" \ --header "content-type: application/json" \ --data '{ "interface": "topic", "name": "/trigger", "type": "std_msgs/msg/String", "payload": { "data": "Hello, world!" } }' \

Plus a sleek dashboard

A pre-built web dashboard to send commands to your robots from your browser without having to develop code.

Build robots,
not infrastructure

Get started for free

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